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Frequently Asked Questions Social Deal

Have any questions about using Social Deal? Quickly get answers to your questions. About how to login, use vouchers, Sharing is Caring and more. Didn't find what you were looking for? Then please contact our customer service

Corona prevention measures

We are in close contact with our partners on a daily basis. They take the measures regarding corona very seriously and are working according to all advice given by the ministry of health. They have taken the greatest precautions the government is currently asking for and will welcome you with the utmost care.

Many deals currently have an extra long validity, so that you can rest assured that you can make use of your voucher in time. In addition to this, the validity of live deals will be extended. Social Deal always guarantees the purchase amount during the validity of the deal.

Yes, your Social Deal purchase is 100% insured.

In the unlikely event that the service cannot be provided, Social Deal guarantees to refund the amount of purchase.

This means that you can exchange your deal for free during the entire validity of the deal. If desired, you can also rebook to a deal from another company.

If you cancel your voucher within 14 days, you can get the purchase amount refunded to your bankaccount for free.

What is Social Deal?

Social Deal offers a marketplace for exciting deals. Every day we present the most popular and prominent businesses of your region - for an unbeatable price! The offers on Social Deal change on a daily basis and always consist of a deal which you can share with you friends, family of colleagues. Register now and experience a new Social Deal every day!

Social Deal introduces the most popular and prominent businesses from your region - and you can get to know them for an unbeatable price (this means at least 50% discount)! You will only be able to buy the deal for a short period of time but you will have enough time to redeem your voucher (usually 3 months). That way you can easily get to know the latest hotspots in your city: Experience a new adventure every day.

All deals are only available for a limited time. You can of course always track the amount of time left. You find a clock that indicates when the deal closes on the main page under the heading 'time left'. After you purchased a deal we give you enough time to redeem your Social Deal at the local business. The expiration date can be found on the deal website and the voucher itself.

Yes, all the prices shown on our website are including VAT.

Well ... To assure yourself of that nice deal you will also have pay. You can pay with us with iDeal, PayPal, Credit Card, Mister Cash and SOFORT Überweisung.

You never pay transaction costs to Social Deal. Should exceptionally there be other additional costs this will always be clearly mentioned in the "big small letters" at that deal. 

The prices you see on our website are the prices you pay for the vouchers you buy from us. This is the amount you pay us and will not be subjected to any extra costs.

It is possible however, that there will be extra expenses when you redeem your voucher. These could be costs such as a delivery charge or a supplement you will have to pay for some selected dishes on a menu. These costs will have to be paid to the provider of the deal and are always stated in the terms and conditions (the fine print) of the deal.

How does Social Deal work?

Is the Social Deal of the day the one you always dreamed of? Click the Buy! button before the offer ends and follow the directions to enter your payment information.

  1. Login with your E-Mailadress and your pasword
  2. Click the Buy! button
  3. Select the amount of deals you want to purchase
  4. Choose your prefered payment method
  5. You can download and print your vouchers in your account under My vouchers

Social Deals can be given away as gifts to anyone - decide between the diverse and original offers and surprise someone with the perfect gift!

You can download and print your vouchers in your account under My vouchers. There are two ways to print the voucher. If you press the gift icon it allows you print the voucher as a gift: The receiver will only see the value of the voucher, but not the amount for which you bought it.

Sharing is Caring! Social Deal offers are made for experiencing them together. Share the Deal via Social Media. Three of your friends bought the deal via your link? Your deal will be free!

  1. Buy a Social Deal
  2. Share the deal via the offered link
  3. Three of your friends buy the same deal via your link
  4. Your deal is free!

You can download and print your vouchers from every computer. Just login on your account and you can find them under My vouchers

That way you always have access to your vouchers and can easily enjoy your next Social Deal experience! 

Don´t worry, sometimes it takes up to 20 minutes until we proceeded your order. After this time the voucher will be displayed under My vouchers.

You have waited 20 minutes and the vouchers still don´t appear? Please contact our customer service.

You purchased a deal and are about to meet a popular business in your city. The only thing you still need to do is print your voucher.

  • Login with your e-mailadress and your pasword
  • Go to My vouchers
  • Press the printer icon of the voucher which you would like to print
  • A pop up opens which you can print
We wish you a pleasent experience!

You can earn €5,- credit if you recommend us. If a friend registers on our website because of your recommendation and buys his first deal you receive €5,- as a thank you.

1. Log in on our website
2. Go to the menu and click on 'Earn € 5 '
3. Click on 'Share your link'
4. Share the link via social media
5. If a friend follows this link, registers on our website and buys his first deal, you receive €5,- credit for Social Deal

We offer a right to return within 14 days. If you declare that you don't want the vouchers within this period, we cancel the order for you and you receive the worth of the voucher as credit for social deal. This credit is valid unlimited and can be used for every offer on our website.

By default the deals are valid for one person, unless it is explicitly stated that the deal is valid for more than one person. Are you for example planning to go out for dinner together, then buy two or more vouchers.

Ai, we find it very annoying to hear that you have a complaint. We have customer service very high in our priorities and are therefore 7 days a week available for you:

  • We are open 7 days a week via phone, mail, chat, WhatsApp or Facebook. We solve all the love your complaint and usually respond within 24 hours and our telephone waiting time is almost always less than 30 seconds.
  • Displeased? Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Manager. Mail her at info@socialdeal.nl or send her a letter at the following address:
Social Deal B.V.
Magistratenlaan 70
5223 MD 's-Hertogenbosch
We always respond within 2 business days.
  • If you still are not helped to your liking, you can submit your complaint to the Adjudication Committee of Thuiswinkel. You can also submit it to the disputes committee of the European ODR platform.

My account at Social Deal

Just click Login / Sign Up in the top right corner to create a free account. We will ask you for your name and email address and to create a password. We will send you an email with a registration link. Follow the link and your account will be activated. 

Alternatively you can also log in with your facebook or Google+ Account.

Head to www.socialdeal.nl and click Login in the upper right corner. If you're already signed in, you'll see your name in the top right corner. If not, you can fill in your email adres and password. Subsequent you click on login and voilá - you are logged in!

You can easily reset your password. Click Forgot your password? on the sign-in page. Enter the email address associated with your account and click Request.

Make sure to wait a few minutes for the email with the reset password link to arrive. Also, make sure to check your Spam folder if you did not receive the email after 30 minutes.

Join us by following this Link: Klick here

First, check your email spam folder. If our emails are ending up there, add us to your address book or safe sender list so our emails get to your inbox. Otherwise check you E-Mail subscription, if you are unsubsrcibed you can sign up again here.

Tried everything and nothing helped? Contact us and we will help you further!

To unsubscribe from the newsletter please follow the steps:

  1. Open the newsletter from your email inbox
  2. At the bottom of the email there is an option to unsubscribe
  3. Click on unsubscribe and you will not receive further newsletters
Remember to drop by every once in a while to check out our latest offers.

Sometimes you can make a reservation via the Social Deal reservation tool. You can find this tool under "my vouchers" after you logged in.

1. Klick on the deal you wanna make a reservation for
2. Klick on "make a reservation" and an agenda opens
3. Pick the number of people you wanna make the reservation for
4. Pick a date and a time
5. Enter your phonenumber
6. Klick on "make reservation"

1. Log in on our website 
2. Klick on your name that is dislayed on the right hand corner
3. Klick on "Redeem coupon"
4. Enter the code and klick on "Redeem coupon"

Please keep in mind: You can only redeem one coupon per IP adres. Furthermore you can only redeem the code via our website and not via the app or the mobile website.

Business collaboration with Social Deal

We’re happy to hear you’re interested in posting a deal on Social Deal. We’re able to reach millions of people nearby who are looking for fun and unique experiences on a daily basis. Fill in this form and a campaign manager – from your city or region – will contact you to discuss the possibilities. No strings attached.

We’re happy to hear you’re interested in advertising on Social Deal. We’re able to reach millions of people nearby who are looking for fun and unique experiences on a daily basis. Fill in this form and a campaign manager – from your city or region – will contact you to discuss the possibilities. No strings attached.

Advertising on Social Deal is free. Social Deal covers its costs by only charging a small success free over the sold vouchers. Fill in this form and a campaign manager – from your city or region – will contact you to discuss which structure suits your business best. All Social Deal partners get financial benefit from the collaboration. Are you curious about what we can do for your business, how we can optimise profits and how we can create more brand awareness? Then please fill in the contact form without obligation.

Placing an advertisement on Social Deal is free. In addition to that, we also facilitate excellent customer service, a sales and reservation module, an online marketing plan, SEO optimisation and on top of that we present your business through our own channels and we’re able to reach 7 million consumers daily. A campaign manager will help you find ways to optimise your profit as well as occupancy rate, at times that suits you best.
Social Deal can provide this service because we charge a small commission over the vouchers that have been sold. No start-up costs, monthly subscription costs or unpleasant surprises afterwards. Due to our unique approach, popular businesses are eager to collaborate with us time and time again. Are you curious about what we can do for your business, how we can optimise profits and how we can create more brand awareness? Then please fill in the contact form without obligation.

A campaign manager will go through your specific goals when it comes to attracting new guests/consumers. We do this by comparing data from similar companies, combined with your experience as an entrepeneur and by using statistics via Google, for example.
Every business deals with peak and off-peak moments. By cleverly dealing with the off-peak moments you’ll be able to maximise your profit. Thanks to our unique reservation module you can steer new guests to any desired time of the day/week/season. This way a Social Deal customer will never get in the way of a regular customer. The Social Deal guest knows when reservations can be made and you’ll be able to plan your staff efficiently.

  • Consultation with a campaign manager, without any obligations
  • A deal arrangement is put together
  • Social Deal provides you with a financial overview (this way we can guarantee you that you, as an entrepreneur, will make a good profit per sold voucher)
  • The promotional value will be determined after the conditions have been set (cost-saving measure for you as an entrepreneur)
  • Advice is given on the ideal time to live with the campaign
  • The Social Deal web edit department will send you the created deal presentation
  • Deal goes live
  • Your promotion plan kicks off (your deal will be brought to the attention of literally millions of customers who are interested in your business)
  • Consumers buy your deal (until a preset maximum is reached)
  • Consumers can make reservations at the times you have previously specified
  • During the collaboration you can adjust your availability (e.g. due to bad weather or when a regular reservation is cancelled)
  • Live overview of who has placed a reservation so you’re always well prepared
  • Welcome your new guests with open arms
  • During your campaign you’ll receive periodical (weekly/monthly) payments
  • After every collaboration there is a moment to reflect on the campaign through an evaluation
Thanks to the experience of our professional team, this whole process could be completed within just a few hours, meaning that your deal could be live tomorrow. Are you curious about what we can do for your business, how we can optimise profits and how we can create more brand awareness? Then please fill in the contact form without obligation.

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